Elecnor Australia (formerly SecureEnergy) was awarded the engineering, construction and procurement (EPC) contract for the new 700km 330kv transmission line extending from Wagga Wagga NSW to the South Australian border of Transgrid’s EnergyConnect project in June 2021.

In its entirety, EnergyConnect includes a new 900km electricity transmission line, known as an interconnector, that will connect power grids across three Australian states, driving competition in the wholesale electricity market. The interconnector is being built between Wagga Wagga in New South Wales and Robertstown in South Australia, with a connection to Red Cliffs in Victoria.

This backbone infrastructure for the future Southwest NSW Renewable Energy Zone will enable connection of a further 4950MW of generation capacity, save NSW customers $180 million a year and create 1,500 new construction jobs in regional NSW.

Watch the first towers being installed on the NSW–Western Section.

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  • August 2022 – Renmark Road camp, Wentworth and Buronga Substation here


  • February 2023 – Buronga Substation here
  • February 2023 – Lockhart camp here
  • March 2023 – Deniliquin laydown here
  • April 2023 – Wagga Wagga Substation here
  • May 2023 – Balranald camp here
  • July 2023 – Construction commences here
  • August 2023 – Legacy 100 Fact Sheet here
  • September 2023 – Out of Hours Work – Overhead Transmission Lines here
  • October 2023 – Water Fill Points here
  • December 2023 – Out of Hours Work – Buronga Substation here
  • December 2023 – Out of Hours Work – Wagga Wagga Substation here


  • January 2024 – Holbrook Road here
  • January 2024 – Out of Hours Work – Wagga Wagga to Buronga here
  • March 2024 – Out of Hours Work – Wagga Wagga Substation here
  • April 2024 – Construction Notification – Dinawan (Bundure) to Wagga Wagga here
  • April 2024 – Construction Notification – Buronga to Dinawan (Bundure) here
  • May 2024 – Notification for Western alignment landholders here
  • June 2024 – Notification for the Balranald LGA here
  • June 2024 – Construction Notification for the Cobb Highway Camp here

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Project Features

700 km of transmission lines
1500 new towers
Construction of new 330 kilovolt and 500 kilovolt above ground transmission lines, with approximately 800 MW transfer capacity
One new substation (Dinawan) and two upgraded substations (Buronga and Wagga Wagga)
The largest substation ever built in Australia (Buronga)
More than 9000 km of conductor cabling, enough to span from Sydney to Perth three times, will be used to deliver Australia’s largest electricity grid project, EnergyConnect
More than one million cubic metres of earthworks to excavate tower footings and to create substation foundations and site access points
60,000 cubic metres of concrete for tower footings and substation works
More than 70 hectares of substation construction, including upgrades to two existing sites and development of a third site 

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